Sunday Jazz

Sunday Jazz

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Introducing Sunday Jazz by Erik Jackson. Sunday Jazz is the final installment of Erik Jackson's - Sunday Breaks

The demo song has other instruments to show you how great these will sound with your own samples.

The demo was made with some of the actual songs I have made with Sunday Jazz. Have fun!

These drums were recorded for Erik's personal use. Due to the massive amounts of recording time and content recorded for Sunday Jazz, these were almost forgotten about. Erik discovered 3 analog reels full of jazz drum recordings. I used the 1st reel for my personal collection. The recordings for this release are reels 2 and 3.

Throw these behind your main kicks and snare and add some soul to your music. Use the fills to make your music feel more soulful and original. The Great J Dilla studied Jazz drumming techniques, so here is your opportunity to expand your percussive vocabulary.

Sunday Jazz features 69 professionally played Jazz Drum Loops and 63 Fills. All played on the Sunday kit.

The breaks were recorded with almost the same set up as Sunday Breaks Vol. 1, 2 and 3 @ 90BPM with plenty of SWING!

Recorded with the Audix DP7 drum microphone pack. Each microphone was individually shaped and compressed by 9 separate Avalon 737 Pre Amps. If that is not enough; all of the Avalon pre's were fed to an SSL Stereo Bus Compressor, then recorded to a Studer A800 Tape Machine.

Be prepared to chop in your favorite sampler and make some hits. Again, this is a DRUMS ONLY  pack.


Gear Used:

  • 9 Avalon Pre Amps
  • 1 Dual Mono Manley Pre amp Audix DP7 Microphone pack SSL AWS 9000
  • Studer A800 Tape Machine