Rainy Day Breaks

Rainy Day Breaks

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Welcome to Rainy Day Breaks by Sound Designer & Producer Erik Jackson

The demo song has other instruments to show you how great these will sound with your own samples. The demo was made with an MPC 2000X, Ableton Live and a turntable in real-time.

Description of the sound pack:

Rainy Day Breaks is a collection of drums you can use to liven up your song or create something totally different. Before Erik dismantled the Sunday Kit we returned the drums and recorded these breaks. These are not your everyday drum breaks. They were recorded with complete precision and accuracy, changing from full to double tempo. All recorded at 90/180 BPM. There are not many breaks pack like this. Get your hands on a Breakbeat Gem and get to work!

Rainy Day Breaks were recorded with the Audix DP7 drum microphone pack. Each microphone was individually shaped and compressed by 9 separate Avalon 737 Pre Amps. If that is wasn't enough; all of the Avalon pre's were fed to an SSL Stereo Bus Compressor, then recorded to a Studer A 827.

Be prepared to chop in your favorite sampler and make some hits. Again, this is a BREAKS ONLY pack.