Obscure Breaks

Obscure Breaks

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Obscure Breaks by Erik Jackson Introducing another original banger!

This is the next installment in Erik Jackson's Original Breaks series.

The demo song has other instruments to show you how great these will sound with your own samples.


Description of this sound pack:

Obscure Breaks features:

107 Live Drum breaks
14 Breakdowns
11 Fills
26 One Shots

The breaks were recorded with an all-analog chain. No plugin effects used. All drums were played at 92BPM with plenty of Soul!

The samples were recorded with the Audix DP7 drum microphone pack using a combination of a Universal Audio, 4-710D, Universal Audio 2 610 and 3 Rupert Neve Portico preamps.

If that is not enough, Erik fed everything through the preamps into an SSL Stereo Bus Compressor and finally recorded to them Studer A800 Tape Machine.

Be prepared to chop in your favorite sampler and make some hits. Again, this is a Breaks Only Pack (with

Gear Used:
• Universal Audio 4-710D 1 Dual Mono Manley Preamp
• Universal Audio 2 610
• Rupert Neve Portico preamps
• Audix DP7 Microphone pack
• SSL AWS 9000
• Studer A800 Tape Machine
• Pearl Reference 4