Midnight Melodies 2, Wurlitzer Chords and Lush Pads Sample Pack

Midnight Melodies 2, Wurlitzer Chords and Lush Pads Sample Pack

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Midnight Melodies II

Professional Sound Designer and Musician Erik Jackson is back with another must-have original sample & drum library that is a MUST have for your production arsenal. 

 Description of this sound pack:

Welcome back to Midnight Melodies

Erik revisited the Wurlitzer used in Midnight Melodies Vol. 1, he loves the sound of this so much he decided he had to record some more! This time Erik played chords and melodies at the same time. These were played at 90 BPM and drenched with the lonely tones of the Wurlitzer.

He played a series of 7th and 11th chords in A minor - C minor - E minor, for layering and also painstakingly layered the Wurlitzer with a Roland SH 101 to create some very lush Pads.

Erik used the Minimoog Voyager to create a variety of synth and bass one shots.

For drums, he created one-shots by layering tones with the Elektron Analog Rytm 8. These drums pack a punch!

Each of the samples were created and divided into 3 chordal categories. A minor - C minor - E minor. These are emotional sounding keys and work well to express emotion.

“Theory tips"

A minor = C Major

C minor = Eb Maj

E minor = G Maj

In music, relative keys are the major and minor scales that have the same key signature. A pair of major and minor scales sharing the same key signature is said to be in a relative relationship.

Everything was recorded through Neve Preamps and processed through EMI Vintage Plate Reverb and mixed on the SSL AWS 900, then recorded to a Studar tape machine for saturation.

The sounds are not cut as perfect loops; I left the tails on, for chopping them into new samples. They can be looped at 90 bpm.

Load the proper sounds in your sampler and begin creating. This is a very creative pack, made for very creative individuals.

The demo was recorded in real-time, going back and forth between my two MPCs. No extra sounds were added.

Midnight Melodies 2 represents 6 months of recording and processing. I hope you enjoy! -Erik Jackson