Why PadPushers?

ThePadPushers.com is a one-stop creative hub for music producers.

We offer unique and custom sample libraries for musicians who are in need of better sounds and samples. We offer hundreds of professionally recorded sound packs by top-notch sound designers. We do not just sell sample packs. We sell creative tools for creative producers and musicians. Many musicians search for recording studios that offer the use of certain instruments or recording gear, musicians could spend over $300.00 a day renting a studio with better instruments then what they have at home. ThePadPushers.com can offer the needed solution. With our sound design team, we have been able to expertly record and sample some of the best and most rare instruments available.

Most music today is created from software on computers. Apple computers sell roughly 23.7 million computers per year that all come with music creation software. Recording studios are expensive and most musicians can create decent sounding music from home, right? Not exactly.

The problem is: they all are using the same sounds for music creation. Every person that purchased a Macintosh computer has the exact same sounds. We are the solution for the musician who wants to take their music into the professional realm. This market is growing year by year. The industry is changing rapidly from big professional recording studios to home studios built around musicians’ individual needs. ThePadPushers.com focuses on this market and even into a deeper market of musicians who want authentic analog recordings.