Vocal Expressions

Vocal Expressions

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Welcome to Pad Pushers' new sample series: Vocal Expressions. Artist Modern Scribe has put together some tasty & Royalty-Free vocal samples with singer Megan Shuck.

Ever need a vocal hook? Looking for the Perfect Neo Soul vocal vibes to layer chords under?

 Description of this sound pack:

The vocals were recorded using the classic Electro-Voice RE20 through a Universal Audio Twin-Finity and a vintage plate reverb straight to analog tape.

The vocals come in two flavors and were recorded at 95BPM and 120BPM. All samples were recorded in A Minor & C Major for easy repitching

Megan singles the following phrases at each BPM (64 Samples Total):

95BPM: Anytime, Baby (2 Variations), Beautiful (3 Variations), Cmon, Come Around, Dance With Me, Destiny, Do What You Want, Feel Again, Here We Go, Hey Boy, Hmmm (2 variations). Hmmm Yeah, Hold Me, I want to Know, It's So Nice, Just One Thing, Kiss Me (Two Variations), Love Me, Ain't No Body Like You, No No (2 Variations), Ohhhh (3 Variations), Only One, Round and Round, Sunshine, Sway With Me, Take My Breath Away, Talk To Me, Tonight (2 Variations), Touch Me, Trust Me, Want To Know, Yeah (2 Variations), You Gotta Believe (2 Variations)

125BPM: Everyday (2 Variations), Freedom, Gotta Let Me Know, Gotta Let Me Show, I Love You, I See It In Your Eyes, In Your Eyes, Let Me Love You, Look At Me Now, Love You, Show Me, So Good, Stand Up and Fight, Stay With Me, Stay, There's Only One Way, This Is Alright, Whats In Your Heart, Whats On Your Mind (2 Variations)