Sixty From the 60

Sixty From the 60

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Pad Pushers is proud to present:        Sixty From the 60

This is a “Drums Only” Pack. The samples are for demo purposes only. The demo is a one-take using the MPC and a Technics turntable. Raw recording.

Description of this sound pack:

Featuring designed drums and bass tones from the Akai MPC60. This kit is handcrafted 12-Bit love with vintage tones and thump. 
Sixty from the 60 was created using Akai’s flagship sampler that changed the way music was created, The Akai MPC60. This cult sampler was designed by Roger Linn, renowned engineer of the Linn Drum machine. After many decades and new technologies, the MP60 is still considered of one of the best-engineered and sounding samplers ever made. 
This pack features 60 original kicks, snares, hats and bass tones (15 Sounds in Each Bank). All recorded and layered on the MPC60. No plug-ins were used to create this pack! Strictly 1990’s style of production.

Gear used:

  • Akai MPC 60
  • 2 Avalon 535 Pre Amps
  • SSL AWS Delta
  • Studar Tape machine