Minor Vibes

Minor Vibes

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Welcome to Minor Vibes, by Erik Jackson

Demo by Just a live's MPC Sessions (Live)

Description of this sound pack:

Dig deep into 33 brand new rare grooves and soulful chord progressions, ready to chop! This time using Minor Chords with a blissful soulful feel. All analog, NO VST's!

These aren't your average, boring chord progressions found in other sample packs. Erik went digging deep into rare Soul 45's and Classic Soul Jazz records to find inspiration for this sample pack. 

Minor Vibes were replayed on a beautiful 1978 Fender Rhodes Suitcase which was fed into a 1972 Fender Twin Reverb directly to a Watkins Copicat tape delay and then recorded to analog tape. Erik is including the chord progression MIDI files with this pack, for further manipulation, tweaking, and layering within your DAW's midi roll.

These Drums Sound incredible! 233 live breaks were recorded and filtered using an Akai MPC3000 and took over 2 months to record and complete processing.

Bass MIDI files were also added to use with each chord progression. You'll be able to add your own sound and program your own bass using the MIDI included with this kit.

This pack will help you create some awesome music and learn some music theory while chopping and flipping these samples with your favorite sampler!

This is a monster sample pack! The biggest collection of breaks yet!

Kit Features:

  • 66 MIDI Files and 86 Audio Files
  • 233 Original Breaks (All recorded and filtered on an Akai MPC3000)
  • Gear Used: 1878 Pearl Drum Kit, 1978 Fender Rhodes Suitcase, 1972 Fender Twin Reverb (Silver Face)
  • Watkins Copicat
  • Audix Drum Microphone Kit
  • Studer Tape Machine (A820)
  • Real analog gear. No plugins

Dig deep! Rare Grooves Inside.