Jazz Pads

Jazz Pads

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Introducing the Jazz Pads  

The demo was created with only the assets in this sample pack; triggered by the MPC2000XL. 

Description of this pack:

This pack features 8 famous 2-5-1 chord progressions, a vintage upright bass, a 1977 Fender Rhodes, the Sunday drum kit and a vintage Slingerland Radio King drum kit.

The Chord progressions are dissected so you can play them out any way you want. They are labeled with the chord name and I also included the MIDI files. The chord progressions were recorded from a 1977 Stage. Recorded with a Rhodes amp/cabinet; Recorded by a Royer 101 to the Apogee Duet

In each progression folder, there is accompanying bass one-shots, this was recorded from a 1958 Kay Double Bass; also recorded with an Apogee Duet.

The Vibes Kit
 is a one-shot wonder. Tuned in variable ways, old and rare. This 1950s
Slingerland Radio King was recorded by an Audix DP5 package.
This pack also includes 20 jazz breaks from our Sunday Drumkit. (Not included in previous packs).