Emotional Oscillators - Free Ableton Sample Pack

Emotional Oscillators - Free Ableton Sample Pack

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Emotional Oscillators by Erik Jackson This is FREE Pack!

Welcome to my Oscillator obsession.

What is better than an instrument that can give off a tonality that transcends you?

This is the whole reason we listen to music, or a mountain stream or birds signing in the morning. This sample pack was initially created to be a part of Ableton Live 10 but I could not give it up. I am not sure why I couldn’t; maybe it was fate?

My inner circle of synth friends drooled over the tonality of this pack. I sampled many different synthesizers to try to find a perfect blend for my own musical creation. I feel that I accomplished that with this pack.

These are mostly sampled waveforms with modulation in Ableton's Simpler format and custom Operator Patches.

Also, included is my Lo-Fi Tape effect. This will give an older cassette tape feel, similar to a Boards of Canada feel.

I hope you enjoy this Ableton Pack as much as I do.

Erik Jackson